Kara E.

I loved Melissa's Forest Therapy Walk. I have felt disconnected from nature for awhile, and the experience connected me not only to nature around me, but to myself in a way that I have been missing. I will be suggesting this therapeutic experience to others and will return again myself. Loved it!


Signi G.

It helps quiet the mind and reorient my priorities to what is really important and connects me to a sense of the human past and it’s having evolved in nature.


Katherine G.

This experience brought me more understanding of my self as a whole. It unites your soul, mind and body. It will bring joy and awaken areas in you that you never knew were there. It’s a MUST do in your life. Melissa has a calming way of allowing you to take the walk with not just her, but your soul and when the journey ends with her, it just begins with you. Loved this Forest Walk and would recommend this to any age. Can’t wait to do this again!

Lisa S.

Slow your mind and stress will melt away. Listen, smell, feel that you are here, and you belong. Be friends with the forest. Ahhh!